I give presentations and talks to different size of audiences from small group with interactive tasks to key note talks in seminars.

Here is an example of my presentation at Aalto University to business executives.


  • Business Models & Business Innovations
  • Ecosystem Models
  • Agile Business Development (Agile Strategy)
  • Strategy Process Design (integration of various strategy concepts)
  • Innovation Process Design
  • Competitive Advantage (Blue Ocean Strategy)
  • Strategic Thinking and schools of tought

Typically I train 1-4 days around the above themes or training is based on strategy project within e.g. MBA studies. I train and guide about 50+ business model innovations every year and I teach in Executive Education and MBA cources for example in Aalto University (Start-up Center, Small Business Center & Executive Education) and University of Jyväskylä .

What I mean about business model innovation? Here is well know example (Slideshare presentation below) about discount airline. Naturally, today it is quite obvious that discount airlines are not new, but Southwest Airlines did this already 1970s and hey breaking all the rules within airline industry.

The same case can be present via Must-Win Battles: